Working Girl,

I'm Briana Wilson, 24 years old.. I almost wrote 25.. I feel like I'm getting old, lol. I founded/created the @mattebrand 2.5 years ago and now I am starting @girlsworking a subsidiary. We (me, my businesses, my boyfriend & my puppy) currently live and work out of Los Angeles, I've been here 2 years. I moved here from NYC, where I lived a year and where MATTE was born. I moved to New York from Houston Texas, where I worked as a server until I eventually dropped out of school @ 3.5 years in. Before then I lived in Dallas, TX with my mom and little brother, it's been a while.. I miss them. My mom's job moved us to TX when I was 12, she's the epitome of a working girl.. more than an example, a lifestyle. I'm originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, where my full huge beautiful family lives and is from, the south. I've been through... things, not going to say a lot, but, life has not been "easy" for me. I've had to figure things out for myself, which is tough for anybody, but I can point out the lessons in every situation. And, that's just how I like to look at things.

The world and my experiences have made me a very understanding, eager, ready to learn and experience life type of person. I know I can have whatever I want and I also know that I can get it on my own. I'm on the journey which is a mindset more than a gift and recently I've started to notice just how many other young women all over the world share this mindset with me. I'm inspired by it mainly because it's new, 30 years ago this was a rare reality for a woman, let alone a woman of color. I'm constantly appreciative of my generation for what it offers and even more appreciative of the "doers" in previous generations that make all of what we experience possible.

Working Girl is designed to honor all forms of women that believe in themselves. We will inspire, teach, learn, and honor each other here. I plan to implement blog posts of all types as well as 50 mini documentaries or vlogs following working girls that inspire me, by the end of this year. I feel this blog is apart of my purpose and am happy that I now have a platform to exercise my appreciation for inspiration.

I hope that you resonate with this blog, I don't want anyone left out. If you're working, you should feel it. And at the same time, I hope it inspires you.. to work smarter vs harder. (But not too smart, we don't support scamming lmao) I also hope that you learn something, I can't wait to learn from and about everyone. We're really all on the same type of journey, trying to find what we love or how to get by everyday.. and in my experiences I've learned sometimes I'm not sure who the fuck to ask or turn to, hopefully you can turn here for some things.



"I'm just happy it was a black woman that did it." - Doris Payne